What do Garage Conversions cost?

What do garage conversions cost ? 

Not all conversions are the same! as previously outlined we can transform your “none habitable garage” into many types of room so accurate pricing is always difficult to do without viewing or having a detailed specification, however we can state that a garage conversion is the most affordable way to provide additional space to your home, it is claimed that your properties market value will increase by as much as 10% on completion,

Type of Garage and approximate cost.

1} Integral, i.e. new build, that requires fully insulated floor, knock through from hallway, electrical installation 3 sockets one ceiling lamp, installation of radiator, all insulation requirements in accordance to currant building regulations, plastering, window, brickwork, necessary finishes i.e. skirting boards, architraves, door , door furniture,  a realistic cost for this type of build would be in the region £6,500.

2} Double garage Specification same as above with additional electrical installation and French doors, cost for this type of conversion approximately £ 9,500.

3} Detached garage Same as above with additional windows, approximately £ 10,000/ £12,000, you will appreciate that the outlined prices are intended as guidelines only, however we can assure you will receive a highly competitive quote from Acend Ltd.